Myths and Facts About Cosmetic Surgery – Part 2

Many people carry preconceived notions and concepts about plastic surgery because they do not know anything other than what they may have heard via word of mouth. These myths can be detrimental to people seeking treatment.

Anyone considering plastic surgery has a right to know the facts and educate themselves before undergoing any procedure. Here are four more plastic surgery myths, busted.

Myth 4 - It is Just for Women

The American Society for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery report that between the years 1997 and 2013 there was a 273% increase in men seeking plastic surgery. It is increasingly accepted that men take care of their appearance, too. This may or may not be too surprising.

More men wait until they are older to get married. Others might find themselves divorced and middle aged. Many men know that appearance can make all the difference in one's career. Still others want to feel better about themselves and decide to change what they do not like about their appearance. Cosmetic surgical solutions are just as much for men as they are for women.

Myth 5 - It is Forever

In some cases, it can be. With rhinoplasty, your nose will not revert to the way it was. However, it will change with aging whether with or without surgery. Those changes, however, can be controlled through a nose operation if properly done. With a chin implant, your chin will be permanently different. Many people think that all plastic surgeries will create the desired look forever.

A facelift can set the clock back approximately ten years, but you will still age. You will simply look ten years younger than your age, provided you take good care of your skin following your procedure.

Myth 6 - You Will Have Ugly Scars on Your Face

This is something that is often brought up in conversation to deter people from seeking facelifts, rhinoplasty, and other facial procedures.

This is not true. Yes, every time there is an incision, there will be a small scar. However, incisions made for plastic surgery of the face are made very discretely. They are tucked away inside the hairline, in unseen spots around the ears, hidden in skin creases, or placed in other contours of the face. In most cases, they are virtually undetectable.

Doctors who are trained in plastic surgery for the face and neck are equipped for enhancing aesthetics. They are extremely adept at creating the look and feel that works best with your face while minimizing the appearance of scars. In many cases, scars are not visible at all and if they are, then usually only upon very close inspection.

Myth 7 - I Can Have Any Nose, Chin or Ear That I Want

While you may really like the look of a certain nose or chin, that does not mean it will look good on you. Your plastic surgeon is an expert at determining what will look good on you and what is possible. They will go over your requests and their recommendations. Your consultation will cover details like the upturn of the nose, width, length and height. You can be sure to have a nose that looks beautiful and in proportion with the rest of your face and body. Many factors such as gender, age, height, ethnicity, facial contour, etc. are taken into consideration.

We believe it is important for patients to have realistic expectations while still understanding the true possibilities plastic surgery provides. If you are considering undergoing a procedure, read up on the procedure beforehand. This is the best way to prepare for your consultation or procedure.

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